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The Ides of March coin

September 24, 2010

Eid Mar

This is the EID MAR denarius issued by none other than (Marcus Junius) Brutus shortly after he was involved in the plot which killed Julius Caesar.

The coin, on one side, shows two daggers and a liberty cap. The inscription reads “EID MAR” short for Eidibus Martiis, the Ides of March.

The other side of the coin, not pictured here, is a portrait of Brutus with the inscription “BRVT IMP L PLAET CEST” or Brutus, Imperator along with the name of the minter of the coin.

There are only about 60 silver copies of this coin in existence and 2 gold copies. The British Museum has both a silver and a gold coin. The other gold coin may be a forgery and so the only gold coin may be the one displayed in the Museum.

Where is it?
The Silver coin can be found in the Money Gallery, Room 68, in the Northeast corner.
The Gold coin can be found in Room 70, the Roman Empire rooom, in the Northwest corner.

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